Short about me

Best is to buy equipment needed in a professional.
So with me you chose the right adress.
At the one hand I am a passionate horseman with show experiences and board staff in the area Reining NRHA North.
At the other hand I have completed a vocational education as a tool maker. I expanded this with an additional education at master saddler. There I have learned handicraft of leatherworking.

As a benefit of my employment as a physical education instructor, motions and biomechanical processes are familiar to me. Furthermore I work together with chiropractors to have some additional knowledge.

During the last years I concentrated on the production of bits and spurs. Concerning this, a visit to the US has helped a lot to enlarge my know-how. What is more, continuous cooperation with Petroll Reining Horses, Texas, Fred homssen, Oklahoma and Olli Stein, Germany, always bring new impulses.
This knowlegde in various fields help me to achieve my goals:
- Saddles and bits with correct fitting for horses and fitting spurs for rider
- Healthy horses and satisfied rider
- Quality goods for leisure and show