JS Bits & Spurs

Bits and spurs are a very important tool of communication with the horse. I always thought that these “tools” could be made of better quality for a more reasonable price. After years of experimenting, building countless prototypes, thousands of test rides and long conversations with Horses Trainers and other experts I feel that I developed a top notch line of bits and spurs that are serving equine professionals and other Horse enthusiasts all over the world. I personally make every piece with passion and the help of modern technology.


Most of my products are made out of seawater resistant Steel which means they will never rust and always shine like the day you got them. I built them to last a lifetime. All spurs are guaranteed to fit you, since I individually shape the heelband. There are hundreds of different combinations and designs. We will custom build your perfect spurs!


I love getting feedback from my customers. I am in constant contact with NRHA professionals like Sebastian Petroll, Fred Thomsson and Olli Stein. These guys are out there every day using Equipment that I make for them. We talk about new ideas, suggestions and upgrades. That way I can innovate and improve all the time.  


I love these spurs. I use them every day.” (Fred Thomsson)


“I have a tack room full of JS Bits. As long as Jens is developing new stuff I will keep adding to my collection…” (Sebastian Petroll)