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Rider worldwide who appreciate my products.

Oliver Stein

Oliver Stein, one of the most known Horseman in Germany. In the german national team he made a very good job. But not only there. In all high ranking competitions you can see him in the finals. Thats counts for competence and top class.

Melanie and Sebastian Petroll

Melanie and Sebastian Petroll are living in Whitesborow, Texas. Sebastian has worked for Casey Hinton for a long time. After that he made experience as co-trainer of Tom Mc Cutcheon until he starts something own. His wife Melanie was active as co-trainer by Tim Mc Quay. Together they build up Petroll Reining Horses in 2010. Here you have the guarantee for great reining horses!

Melanie and Sebastian are successful in showing their horses on international shows. Additionally, horsemen whoe are coached from them are successfull aswell.







Fred Thomsson

Since many years Fred Thomsson lives in USA. He is a professional trainer and well known worldwide. At the World Equestrian Games he started for his homeland Sweden. A long swedish-american success story in terms of reining.












Mario Bauer

A fine ranch in Germany is Mario Bauers own whereas his wife, Simone Klein, is an osteopath. Together they are a strong team.






Markus Zweverink